Congrats to athletes!

posted Jun 20, 2010, 5:44 AM by Marya Pecukonis
June 12- Special Olympics Show
Congrats to Alex McIntyre and Fiona Shea for an excellent show at Special Olympics June 12th. Between the athletes and unified rider, Meredith Pecukonis, we brought home 9 medals!  Equitation, Trail, Musical Kurs and Unified Musical Kurs were super!  We topped the competition to bring home gold  medals in Trail!  Many thanks to  the parents, Karen and Jim,  Karen and John, as  well as grandparents for continued support.  Lisa Baker and Meredith P, we could not have had this success without your equine expertise! Thanks also to Mauve and Naomi for help throughout the day. Mr. Ed, the skilled director and transportation specialist. And best of all,  thanks to Terra!   We beat the heat!
June 13 - MCET Show
Congrats to Ellie Ringer and  Kurt Bosmans for competing in a total of 6 events to include:   Equitation, Trail and timed keyhole! Ribbons ranging from 1-4 place were  earned.  Congrats to Kaleigh Rinaldi, athlete and mount Rascal as well. Many thanks to Erin Teigen, volunteer and co-teacher, for her dedication to the horses and students. Parents, Barb and Ria,  you are to be congratulated  for your persistence and support. Let's celebrate the
steady and honest pony, Casey, who is reaching her 25+ year!  Go LeCheval!