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About The Program

LeCheval Stable is a licensed and insured facility. We provide an opportunity for individuals to explore the total equestrian experience. Riders ages 5 to adult learn basic standards and horsemanship skills necessary for safe riding. 

Lessons are geared to the strengths and needs of the rider after an initial riding evaluation. During first phase lessons, riders will gain an understanding of overall safety and barn rules. They will actively participate in  grooming, (un)tacking the horse, leading the horse, and working on the lunge line at a walk and trot. They will learn how to steer a straight, curved and zig zag line at the walk. Balancing at the walk and trot and beginning to post at the trot will ready riders for advancing skills.

As riders progress, they will move through levels commensurate with their demonstrated ability. The team will work with each rider to provide support,  positive feedback and modify instruction as deemed necessary. Riding the horse using upward transitions (halt to walk to trot to canter) and downward transitions (canter to trot to walk to halt) will be a major focus for advanced beginners and early intermediate riders.

LeCheval Stable  provides a working student program and hands on training for responsible individuals who may want to volunteer as sidewalkers, leaders, acquire barn management skills, or gain a deeper understanding of how horses can enrich the lives of others.


  • Mounted lessons offered: March through November
  • Equine related workshops and Volunteer Orientations throughout the year
  • Private and semi-private sessions
  • $70 per private lesson / $60 per semi private lesson (no more than 3 in a group)
  • Sliding fee scale and limited scholarships available
  • Half hour and hour sessions are scheduled by appointment only.
  • Selected evenings and Saturdays
  • Summer Schedule hours morning 9-12 and 4-8
  • 2017 Sessions- See calendar
  • Weather permitting- check weather page for details

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Guidelines - Posted in Barn

  • Stop, look and listen. Use caution when working around horses.
  • Seek professional instruction. A good instructor can help you progress quickly and teach you the safest way to do things.
  • Listen and learn. Always listen for commands from your instructor and follow them promptly.
  • Do not stand or work directly behind or in front of a horse.
  • Treats should not be fed to horses by hand. Put them in the horse’s feeder. Fingers are a lot like carrots and other bite size snacks!
  • When approaching a horse, always speak to it and be sure it is paying attention to you.
  • Use a halter and a lead rope when catching, leading or securing a horse.
  • Secure(tie) the horse at withers height or higher such as in cross ties.
  • Never wrap or tie yourself to a horse in any way.
  • Dress the part. Wear long pants, boots or shoes designed for horseback riding and a fitted helmet with ASTM/SEI label inside the helmet.
  • Check all equipment for safe condition and proper fit.
  • When mounting, always keep your reins in your hand. Team support provided for (dis)mounting as needed.
  • Dismount to adjust clothing or equipment.
  • Ask for help when needed for tack or equipment.
  • Ride with a friend or with supervision.
  • Avoid crowding other horses. Keep at least one horse length between your horse and any other horse near you.
  • Learn emergency procedures and practice them.
  • Avoid confusion, praise often and punish seldom.
  • Be gentle and kind to the horse and use the correct commands or cues. The horse should respect you, trust you and like you.
Certified Horsemanship Association - 2008

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